It is the intention of the Cooling Technology Institute to provide independent third-party thermal
performance tests.  This means that any situation in which the testing agency has material or any other
interest in the outcome of the test must be avoided.  The CTI-licensed testing agency shall have no
connection with the manufacturer, the purchaser, or the Cooling Technology Institute, other than a
contractual agreement with the latter.

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Drift testing measures drift emissions and/or determination of particulate matter from water-cooling towers using isokinetic methods.

Sound testing provides standard test procedures for measuring the near-field  airborne sound from water-cooling towers with reproducible and consistent results.


Thermal Testing covers the determination of the thermal capability of water cooling towers.

Thermal Certification sets forth a program whereby the Cooling Technology Institute will certify that all models of a line of evaporative heat rejection equipment offered for sale by a specific manufacturer will
perform thermally in accordance with the manufacturer's published ratings.

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