The Importance of Thermal Performance Certification of Evaporative Heat Rejection Equipment

For manufacturers that sell evaporative heat rejection equipment, it is mandatory to comply with CTI Standard 201 — a standard that ensures proper thermal function in accordance with the equipment’s published ratings. Part of complying to this standard includes a thermal performance test and certification in order to give purchasers the peace of mind that their equipment will perform correctly. In this blog, we will answer the following questions related to CTI Standard 201 and thermal performance certifications:

  • What is evaporation heat rejection equipment?

  • What is a thermal performance certification?

  • Why are thermal performance certifications important?

What is Evaporative Heat Rejection Equipment?

Evaporative heat rejection equipment, such as cooling towers, are commonly used to provide significantly lower water temperatures than air-cooled heat rejection devices. Because these devices are more cost-efficient and energy-efficient solutions, they are usually the more popular type of cooling system, especially for businesses with industrial-sized cooling needs.

What is a Thermal Performance Certification?

A thermal performance certification means that your evaporative heat rejection equipment has passed industry-standard testing and that your devices perform in accordance with their published ratings. The functions that will be tested during this process include:

  • Thermal transmission

  • Thermal resistance

  • Thermal conductivity

  • Solar heat gain coefficient

  • Visible transmittance

  • Condensation resistance

  • Temperature cycling

Once these tests are passed, the Thermal Certification Administrator publishes certification letters as physical proof of your equipment’s validation. You can take annual re-verification tests to renew your thermal performance certification.

Why are Thermal Performance Certifications Important?

You may be wondering — does my evaporative heat rejection equipment really need to go through yearly evaluations? The answer, of course, is yes. This kind of testing is not only beneficial to the manufacturers, but the purchasers, as well. Other reasons why thermal performance certifications are important include:

  • Confidence for the manufacturer and purchaser that their cooling tower will perform at the published capacities

  • Eliminates potential operating and repair costs for deficient equipment

  • Reduced risk of manufacturers selling faulty equipment

How Can CTI Assist With Your Cooling Tower Needs?

Cooling Technology Institute has published a plethora of papers about various cooling topics. CTI is also an advocate in promoting the use of environmentally responsible Evaporative Heat Transfer Systems (EHTS), cooling towers, and cooling technology for the benefit of the public. Additionally, CTI is an independent, third-party thermal performance testing to help participating manufacturers and owners/operators achieve the best performance from their cooling towers. Visit our website today for more information on cooling technologies!

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