Join the CTI Standard STD-202 Custom Cooling Tower Thermal Testing Program

Despite the importance of routine thermal testing of cooling towers and their impact on air quality and comfort, more than half of the custom cooling tower acceptance tests performed by licensed CTI professionals are at less than 100% thermal capacity. CTI has developed a voluntary thermal testing program to encourage custom tower capacity equal to or greater than 100%.

CTI will publish measurements of the thermal performance test history of participating tower manufacturers (PM) by utilizing field-testing of custom cooling towers within its licensed thermal testing program.

Advantages for Owners/Operators

CTI’s Performance & Technology technical committee developed Standard STD-02 to promote more efficient cooling tower capacity. Our intent is to educate cooling tower owners/operators on the importance of these test results in regards to the efficacy of their equipment. Advantages enjoyed by owners/operators participating in the program include:

  • Cooling tower thermal performance results

  • Increased cooling tower power generation

  • Increased heat exchange efficacy

  • More efficient energy usage and, potentially, lower utility costs*

Please note that CTI does not guarantee lower utility or energy costs for owners/operators. While custom cooling towers can lower energy consumption, our licensed cooling tower professionals are responsible solely for the thermal testing of equipment. CTi and its affiliates, members, and professionals are not responsible for energy consumption and usage and the costs associated with energy consumption.

For the period of publication of these results, the PM are:

How to Participate in CTI’s Cooling Tower Thermal Performance Testing Program

To participate in CTI’s Standard STD-202 program, cooling tower owners/operators must submit an application to CTI. If your organization is selected for participation in the program, you will receive a letter of acceptance and will be contacted by a licensed CTI thermal testing agency.

What will the custom cooling tower report tell me?

Reports will be conducted by a licensed CTI testing agency and will include the following information:

  • Name of the participating manufacturer

  • Period of time in which the test was conducted

  • Measurements

  • Percentage of test results greater than or equal to 100%

  • Percentage of test results greater than or equal to 95%

  • Average of test results that are less than 95%

  • Average flow rate of all tests with reported results below 50,000 GPM

  • Average flow rate of all tests with reported results greater than or equal to 50,000 GPM

  • Comparable values for all acceptance tests

What will CTI do with the results?

CTI will evaluate the results of your test and include them in the CTI Journal. If you do not wish to have the results of your test published, you must contact a CTI administrator within 30 days of your test date to ensure results are not submitted for publication.

Want access to more resources?

CTI members enjoy access to even more perks, including a database of licensed CTI cooling tower testing professionals, access to members-only events and educational resources, and more. We offer a variety of memberships for professionals and organizations of every type, including:

  • Student Membership: $25 annually

  • Owner/Operator Individual Membership: $295 annually

  • Owner/Operator Corporate Membership: $695 annually

  • Manufacturer Affiliate Membership: $495 annually

  • Manufacturer Corporate Membership: $995 annually

  • Supplier Affiliate Membership: $495 annually

  • Supplier Corporate Membership: $995 annually

  • Consultant Membership: $500 annually


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