CTI Developing Acceptance Test Code for Dry Coolers

The Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) currently offers Acceptance Test Codes for open circuit cooling towers (ATC-105), closed circuit cooling towers (ATC-105S), and evaporative condensers (ATC-106). These Test Codes are well recognized, referenced, and used throughout the Industry on a global basis, including by licensed CTI Thermal Test Agencies. Building on these documents, a CTI Task Group is currently developing a new test code for air cooled fluid coolers, more commonly referred to as dry coolers.

Its application will be limited to the sensible cooling of water, aqueous glycol solutions, and other homogeneous, single phase process fluids. This new code is anticipated to cover testing in both field and laboratory settings.

Jennifer Hamilton, Chair of the Task Group, states, “This new test code will help Owners and Operators of dry coolers confirm that the actual performance matches both the thermal and pressure drop performance as stated by the Manufacturer.” Members of the Task Group include representatives from Owners, Operators, Manufacturers, Test Agencies, and Certification Organizations.

The Task Group will next meet during the CTI Summer Workshop with the goal of finalizing and approving a draft of the Test Code. The draft will then be subject to the CTI ad hoc review process. Interested parties should contact Vicky Manser, the CTI Administrator, for additional information.

The CTI Summer Workshop will be held at the La Cantera Resort in San Antonio, Texas, from July 15 to July 18, 2018. Committee agendas can be downloaded from here.

For more information, or to register, please visit the Summer Workshop.

For questions on the CTI in general, please contact Vicky Manser, the CTI Administrator, at [email protected] or 281.583.4087.

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