CTI Scholarship Program Information


To establish an ongoing Scholarship Program that supports the educational opportunities of students entering college within the United States and pursuing a degree in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum.

Scholarship Committee:

The Committee, appointed by the CTI President, will select the award recipient(s) from the available candidates based on their application information.  The Committee is comprised of the Chairs of the three standing committees, the Treasurer, the Past President Council Chair and/or representative, the Marketing Chair
or representative, the CTI Administrator, and the CTI President.  In the event the Committee cannot reach a decision on a specific candidate, the applications of the finalists will be presented to the Board of Directors to determine the award recipient(s).


The scholarship will be funded from the CTI general fund on a year to year basis.  The scholarship award will consist of two one-time awards, each set at $3,000 for the 2022-2023 school year.  The award amount and the number of awards will be determined annually by the Board of Directors as part of the annual budget.

Applicant Criteria:

The scholarship process will be open to anyone graduating high school and entering college with a declared major within a STEM curriculum.  Each applicant must be a child, or grandchild, of a participating current CTI Member or CTI Member Company in good standing (all member categories).  Children, or grandchildren, of current CTI officers, CTI employees, CTI contract employees, Board of Directors, and members of the Scholarship Committee are ineligible to receive a scholarship during the tenure of the CTI relative serving in the position.

Application Process:

Announcement of the availability of the award will be made through a press release and an announcement on the CTI website in early October.  The deadline for completing and returning the application to the CTI Administration will be no later than March 31 for the next year’s award(s).  Interested students can

submit online through the CTI website.

Award Selection and Announcement:

The Scholarship Committee, or in the event the Committee cannot reach a decision on a specific candidate, the CTI Board of Directors will select the award recipient(s) based on the merits and qualifications of each candidate.  The award recipient(s) will be announced no later than May 1 of the award year.  Each scholarship applicant will be notified of the outcome.  The name of each Scholarship recipient and their parent/grandparent will be acknowledged on the CTI website, at upcoming CTI conferences, and/or in future CTI publications.


The award of a CTI scholarship does not hold the CTI, or any persons of the organization, responsible for the finances, education, and future employment of the recipient.  The scholarship is a one-time award to the student and open only to eligible high school students.  All scholarship award decisions by the Scholarship Committee and/or the Board of Directors are final and not subject to appeal.