A suite of cooling tower applications that is indispensable to anyone responsible for the peak performance of cooling towers.  Applications include Air Properties Calculator, Merkel Number calculator, Demand Curve Worksheet (calculates tower performance & characteristic curve test method), and Mechanical Draft Tower Performance Test Analyzer (performance curve method).  The performance test analyzer compliments the ATC-105 cooling tower test code.  Many fully explained examples presented in the help files. Educational pricing & site licensing available upon request.


Why you need the CTI ToolKit?

  • Thermal Design Worksheet.  An interactive, graphical worksheet designed to speed cooling tower thermal calculations.  Set your own values for wet bulb, range and altitude, and plot your own demand curve on virtually any printer.
  • Performance Evaluator.  Evaluates induced draft counterflow and crossflow cooling tower performance with field acquired data.  Fully compliant with the latest CTI ATC-105 test code (performance curve method).
  • Air Properties Calculator.  Fully ASHRAE compliant, using the latest psychrometric property routines.
  • Detailed Help Files.  How-to-use help for typical applications is just a click away.


What does the CTI ToolKit do for me?

  • Predicts off-design performance with the Demand Curve Tab application.  Answers what-if questions like, how much will my leaving water temperature change if I increase my waterflow by 10%?  What if I decrease my range by 15%?
  • Evaluates cooling tower performance and acceptance tests.
    • Performance Curve Tab: the application allows the automatic calculation of cooling tower performance using the performance test method of the CTI ATC-105.  Automatically solves the iterative calculations for the exit air temperature and psychrometric properties to compute the test L/G as required by CTI ATC-105.  Accurately interpolates between curves and generates all the necessary cross plots to determine the overall Tower Capability. 
    • Demand Curve Tab: application speeds the evaluation of the characteristic curve method.  This application allows the calculation of the overall Tower Capability when the manufacturer's performance curves are unavailable.  High-quality demand curve pages produced on any printer for your exact set of design conditions at any altitude.
  • Produces your own performance curves from field test data.  Using the Demand Curve Tab application and a single test point, create a set of performance curves along with any spreadsheet.
  • All without picking up a pencil!

CTI Toolkit Software (Demo)