Bacteria in Cooling Water systems must be controlled because bacteria attach to surfaces, forming biofilms that inhibit heat transfer, block fluid flow, promote corrosion, etc. Control is obtained mainly by use of biocides. However, to be effective against biofilm-forming bacteria, biocides must be used in high concentrations; however, control is often marginal. In addition, high biocide concentrations may increase toxicity in water in some instances and could result in discharge problems. Data is presented on a unique, adjuvant material that increases the efficacy of oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides against bacteria both in biofilms and in cooling water, and that also helps remove slime/biofilm form surfaces.

99-16: Unique Biodispersant Removes Biofilms and Increases Biocides Efficacy

  • Melvin H. Czechowski & Kurt W. Whitekettle, BetzDearborn Inc.