During the past decade, a compendium of new environmental regulations, health and safety concerns, performance objectives and economic consideration have curtailed the use of many microbiocides in cooling water treatment applications. In light of these developments, the primary objective of this paper will be to evaluate the use of Tris (Hydroxymenthyl) Nitromethane (TN), a product only recently introduced to the cooling water marketplace, as a versatile microbiocide suitable for use in many diverse treatment applications. In paper, both laboratory and field data will be presented demonstrating the product's broad-spectrum efficacy, especially in the high pH environments common to many of today's cooling water systems. In formation concerning additional product benefits, such as the fact that TN is non-foaming and non-odorous, will not react with other treatments or system contaminants, is environmentally and hygienically-sound and extremely cost-effective, will also be presented.

90-06: Tris (Hydroxymethyl) Nitromethane: An Evaluation of a Versatile Cooling

  • Kenneth Soeder, Jamestown Chemical Co., Dr. Frederick J. Passman, Angus Chemical Co.