Work describes a real problem at an oil refinery,, where process leaks/contaminants adversely affected corrosion inhibitor performance, resulting in downtime and equipment failure. A unique "fast response" system was developed, applied to spot onset of process leaks promptly, allowing response time to be cut to 85%. Field Lab facilities monitor cooling water quality continuously, including daily COD determinations. CORRATER peaks signal presence of process leaks, trigger start-up of emergency supplemental treatment program, and allow damaged exchangers to be isolated or bypassed quickly. Continuous diagnostic and control procedures have made marked improvement in cooling system operation, maintained exchanger heat transfer efficiency, reduced plant maintenance costs, and extended life of critical equipment, by preventing treatment program upsets.

89-18: Cutting Costs - Fast Detection and Response Corrects Cooling Water

  • Juan Carlos Staibano, Fred Wilkes, Hernando Barba & Antonio A. Rodriguez, Aquatec Quimica, S.A.