This paper is the first technical status report of a continuing evaluation of ozone treatment for cooling tower water systems. Data will be presented that illustrates the results of ozone treatment in a 3400-ton air conditioning cooling systems at the U.S. Department of Energy Y-12 Plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Heat transfer data and equipment inspections confirm that a threshold surface temperature exists; below which heat exchange surfaces remain free of mineral scale and microbiological foulants. Heat exchange surfaces that exceed the temperature threshold experience calcium carbonate scaling. The temperature threshold effect may explain why ozone treatment has been reported as a successful treatment for air conditioning cooling systems. Plans for future ozone investigations will be discussed.

89-07: Ozone Treatment of Cooling Water Results of a Full-Scale Performance

  • G. Darell Coppenger, Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Benjamin R. Crocker & David E. Wheeler, Environmental Systems Corporation