EPA and OSHA have promulgated rules and regulations for protecting our environment and people living and working under hazardous conditions. References are made to toxic substances such as PCB's, acids, chemicals and asbestos, etc. While we in the cooling tower industry realize the use of asbestos is not particularly dangerous, the regulations make no provision for this and to comply with all statues, apparently over-kill must be utilized. However, it behooves contractors and owners of asbestos materials not to test or evade the laws. The presentation covers an overview of the cause of asbestosis with the environmental and work condition regulations imposed by the government. Slides will show how these protective measures are carried out on the job site together with the necessary generation of paperwork complied by the Industrial Hygienist at the workplace, which is filed for 30 years, with a copy to the customer and contractor for protection against possible lawsuits by workers. Action by governmental agencies guidelines, safeguards and procedures are delineated.

88-10: Cooling Tower Asbestos Abatement or Close Encounters with EPA, OSHA