Abstract: A safe, cost-effective biocide replacement for chlorine gas has long been sought. Described are results from a product evaluation that led to the replacement of chlorine gas in 25 cooling towers. The product selected is a new; EPA registered biocide and is a bromine and chlorine derivative of methylethyl and dimethylhydantoin. Performance tests have shown that effective bio-control is achieved when the product is applied on a slug basis. A simple, automated high-dissolution rate feeder system provides consistent and reliable delivery of halogen. Effective control is accomplished at very low or sub detectable levels of free available halogen. Because of this, metal corrosion rates, cooling tower wood delignification, and interaction with other water treatment chemicals are greatly reduced.

88-07: Replacement of Chlorine Gas at a Major Gulf Coast Refinery With a New

  • Samuel E. Shull & Douglas T. Murray, Lonza, Inc., Rudy Thorgeson, Trident Chemical Co. Paul R. Puckorius, Puckorius and Associates, Inc.