The significant increase in heat load in cooling water systems in distilleries, as a result of the development of the Pro-Alcohol Program in Brazil, has necessitated the use of cooling towers over the traditional once-through systems. The problems associated with using cooling towers in distilleries are unique because of the temperatures involved, the materials of construction (stainless steel) and the concentration potential for any and all types of organic contamination, both from process and makeup water sources. Special fieldwork and lab research has shown interesting relationships between the level of organic fouling and the degree of concentrate pitting type corrosion on stainless steel surface.

86-14: Biological Organic Fouling and Its Effect on Corrosion of AISI 304

  • Amadew J.N. Silva, Renato A. Silva, Jose O. Silva & James N. Tanis, Aquatec Quimica, S.A.