A fouling monitor was operated under different environmental conditions to minimize fouling. Three tubes were made of AL-6X stainless steel and one of 90-10 copper-nickel. Operating conditions included different flow rates (1.0 and 1.7 fps) and periodic surges in flow to scour the fouling deposit. Results showed: 10 flow surges were partially effective, 2) copper-nickel fouled slower but was more difficult to clean, and 3) fouling was greater at 1.0 fps.

84-16: Tube Material, Fluid Velocity, Surface Temperature and Fouling a Field

  • N. Zelver, J.A. Robinson & F.L. Roe, CCE, Inc., W.G. Characklis, Montana State Univ., & Z. Dicic, K. Chapple & A. Ribaudo, Power Auth. of