Non-Phosphorous programs for mild steel corrosion control in cooling system are often challenged by deteriorated performance, limited application window (medium/high Ca/Alkalinity water) and a potentially high treatment cost. The newly developed cost effective Non-Phosphorus program composes of both organic as well as inorganic components. This novel new program not only provides superior CaCO3 inhibition, but also provides excellent anodic and cathodic corrosion protection to mild steel. The extended application window to soft and high conductivity water, along with high tolerance to pH upset impart significant operation flexibility to the program when compared to stabilized phosphate program. The lab performance evaluation, field trial results and mechanistic study will be reported and discussed in this presentation.

18-30: A Robust Non-Phosphorous Corrosion and Scale Control Program for Cooling

  • Bingzhi Chen, Nalco Water, An Ecolab Company