It is well known that phosphorus-based corrosion inhibitors cause fouling with calcium if they are not adequately treated with a stabilizing product to prevent foulant precipitation.  This shortcoming makes this stabilizing product an essential component of any phosphorous-based inhibitor program.  In this paper, a new corrosion inhibitor will be presented that provides a single-component replacement for the aforementioned dual-component system.  This new inhibitor can not only replace phosphorous-based inhibitors; it can simplify the traditional corrosion inhibition programs for mild steel.  This new inhibitor performs well across a wide range of hardness conditions and pH values, it allows for the reduction of the product used to stabilize phosphorous-based inhibitors and is an environmentally friendly alternative for corrosion control.  It has also shown excellent compatibility with other commonly used corrosion inhibitive chemistries.  To demonstrate this new corrosion inhibitors performance benefits, both laboratory and field performance data will be presented.

17-18: Simplifying Corrosion Control with a Safer Choice Inhibitor