When it comes to industrial cooling towers, efficiency is key. FRP blades for cooling towers are one innovation that have helped increase the functionality of these powerful systems. FRP, better known as fiber-reinforced plastic, has become the standard material for cooling tower blades due to its great strength to weight ratio and resistance to corrosive elements that are present in the production of certain chemicals and other corrosive materials. In this paper, we discuss the best practices for inspection of FRP blades for cooling towers, including known hazards and causes and the difference between repairable and unrepairable deterioration. We also expand upon the best practices for remediation, including proper preparation, process choices, and addressing individual environments. Finally, we speak on the subject of building a maintenance program for your FRP blades for cooling towers, including creating a time table and your system’s individual needs.

17-13: FRP Cooling Tower Fan Blades - Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

  • Jim Witt, Choice Industrial Solutions, Inc.