This paper looks at the benefits of using a MOS in cooling water systems over traditional biocide treatment methods for the following reasons: Microbio control is critical in industrial cooling water systems. Traditional treatment programs consist of oxidizing and non-oxidizing chemicals. Oxidizing biocides have limited effectiveness in high pH environments while non-oxidizing biocides are expensive and hazardous. Onsite generated MOS is safe, inexpensive and effective in high pH water. Methods evaluating these different treatment programs we monitored halogen levels, and microbio activity in industrial cooling water systems in similar cooling water systems. Results were recorded and compared over a period of time. The results from this test demonstrate that MOS solution can be a more effective biocide treatment program by providing better overall microbio control as a safer and less expensive program. The conclusion is that all industrial cooling water systems are unique. However, microbio control comes down to the effectiveness of the biocide program in that given application.

17-10: Advantages of Mixed Oxidant Solutions (MOS) in Industrial Cooling Water

  • Michael Dorsey, AquaCorr Services; Matt Walker, Design Controls