EDF operates 30 condenser open cooling circuits in its French nuclear power plants (NPP). In order to extend their lifetime, the company has to carry out major renovations of the fills located in the cooling towers, which need to be replaced after around 30 years. The choice of a fill is determined by the results of preliminary tests. The following tests are conducted on fill: mechanical strength, fire resistance, thermal performance, and evaluation of fouling risk. An experimental study was realized in order to study and differentiate the fouling risk of four different fills on an industrial pilot unit. The pilot is constituted of four reduced-scale open cooling circuits (around 15 thermal kW) able to mimic the thermal and chemical behavior of an industrial cooling circuit such as those found in nuclear power plants.

16-29: Comparison Of Fouling Kinetics On Four Different Fills Operated In

  • Aurélie Mabrouk Ph.D and Mohamed Azarou, EDF