The induced draft wet cooling tower performance is highly affected due to recirculation of saturated exit air from the cooling tower. The impact of wind velocity and wind direction further degrades the predicted performance of cooling tower. This paper covers the volumetric multi fluid analyses using CFD modeling modeling in 18 back to back cells of 14 meter x 14 meter cooling tower in three different possible orientation like parallel, perpendicular and 45 degree inclined to the privilege wind direction. The quantative analysis estimate the amount of recirculation and extent of recirculation around the cooling tower and qualitative analysis identity the flow of recirculation and flow behavior for different wind direction. Prediction of recirculation allowances is generally provided by CTI (Cooling Technology Institute, USA) such as PTG-116 & PTB-110 codes.

16-13: CDF Modeling Of Wind And Velocity & Direction On Exit Air In Performance

  • Ram Kumar Jha, Performance Analyst Pvt. Ltd; Suresh Sarma, SS Cooling Tower Consultant, India