A program code developed for prediction of performance of NDCT based on manufacturer's performance curve. Development of a simulation code using CFD for detailed zone wise analysis of air flow and performance of cooling tower is carried out which is the limitation of program code. Development of drift measurement device which is very useful for measurement of drift as well as DBT and WBT of outlet air of cooling tower is carried out. Validation of the simulation using CFD is carried out with experimental result like cold water temperature at bottom, air temperature and air velocity and amount of drift in air at measured plane shows a good accuracy of the present simulation. Development of modified water flow distribution is done which shows improved performance. Off-design performance analysis of cooling tower shows a detailed relationship of performance parameters with operating parameters. Comparison of CFD simulation with program code also shows a good match with design data. This study, along with the analysis of field data is expected to result in concrete recommendation to overcome the field level problem in performance evaluation and thus improved performance.

15-19: Simulation of Air Flow Distribution and Performance of Cooling Tower

  • Partha Nag, AGM (CENPEEP), NTPC Ltd and Dr. PMV Subba Rao, Mechanical Engineering Department, IIT Delhi