The BREF (Best References documents) Industrial Cooling System (ICS) is an European Communauty document which gives the ‘Best Available Technique’ in the environment field. The previous document written in 2001 was a guide line for the design of ICS. It will be established a new version in 2015; the conclusions will become prescriptive, for all European countries. It will take into account the evolution of regulation in Europe, technological progress and new scientific knowledge. The EDF company works to establish a ‘wish-list’ for the next version of the BREF ICS on specific issues: Efficiency of ICS, use of biocides, emissions of chemical substances and heat into surface water, reduce water needs, entrainment of fish, and reduction of noise. The present paper shows the key points for French utilities.

15-15: Revision of the Best Available Technique (BREF) For Industrial Cooling