An extensive evaluation of corrosion, deposits, and both bio-mass and suspended bacteria testing was established for a cooling tower water system to determine the effectiveness of an Electrodynamic Field generator. This independent evaluation was monitored for over 11 months utilizing corrosion coupons, sessile and planktonic bacteria testing as well as photos of the cooling tower fill and testing of the chiller performance. This detailed monitoring also includes makeup and cooling tower water quality. The results of this monitoring are provided which shows the outstanding effectiveness of this system in controlling corrosion, deposition and microbiological growth. This Electrodynamic field generator that was used is of the pulsed power design with a much higher level of power compared to other pulse powered systems, which provides greater stability and reliability thus producing significant improved corrosion, deposition, and bio-mass microbiological control.

14-18: A Detailed Independent Field Site Evaluation of Electrodynamic Field

  • Paul R. Puckorius, Puckorius & Associates, Inc; John E. Dresty, Jr, Griswold Water Systems; and Richard Ruckstuhl, Jr., Waterhouse Corporation