A low system oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) is desirable to minimize corrosion in recirculating cooling systems. Traditional oxidizers, however, are ineffective at system ORP less than 400 mV for neutral to alkaline pH values. This paper describes a novel, proprietary biocide that is marketed as Biosperse™ XD3899 microbiocide and made from the stoichiometric reaction of sodium hypochlorite and ammonium bromide. The resulting active, bromide-activated planktonic bacteria, including Legionella species, at significantly lower system ORP. Additional practical benefits observed in commercial applications include reduction/elimination of proprietary biocides and biodispersants, improved cooling tower cleanliness, lower corrosion rates, reduced corrosion inhibitor feeds, and water savings.

12-24: Novel, Mild Oxidant Improves Cooling Water Treatment Performance

  • Chris Baron, Ashland Inc.