Following its successful application in air-conditioning as marketed by the Coolerado Corporation, this document summarizes the potential of the novel thermodynamic cycle, the so-called Maisotsenko-Cycle (“M-Cycle”), as applied to Cooling Tower Design. Through a review of existing methods and technologies, this document discusses how the M-Cycle Enhanced Open and Closed Circuit Cooling Tower designs have the potential in retrofit applications to (1) cool water down to the ambient air dew point temperature and (2) reduce system pressure drop and fan power consumption, with the potential to reduce both installed and operating costs. For readers seeking additional information, appendices discuss the M-Cycle and the corresponding psychrometrics in greater detail.

11-13: Lee Gillan, Idalex; Paul Glanvill and Dr. Aleksandr Kozlov, Gas

  • Maisotsendo-Cycle Enhanced Cooling Towers