The company Special Water Europe BV and the KEMA Institute set out to test the effectiveness of the additive the Cool Puck in its laboratory using a small scale test assembly based on the Dutch Standard for assessing the performance of treatment programs for open re-circulating cooling tower water systems. The Cool Puck product is a man made and environmental friendly dispersant, which implies that the product itself has no microbial biocide effect. However, when applying the Cool Puck as a single product in a cooling tower system, organic compounds and microbes from the water phase showed visible precipitation in parts of the recirculation system. During the test batch Na-hypochlorite dosing was unable to mitigate the biofilm significantly, however with the addition of the Cool Puck approximately 24 hours before biocide dosing, the mitigation effectiveness increased significantly. By using the Cool Puck product as an additive to traditional biocide treatment the mitigation and prevention of biofilms was concluded in an industrial cooling tower system.

09-13: The Determination of the Effectiveness of the Coolpuck in the Mitigation

  • Shawn H. Glinter and Jan De Rijk, Aquafinesse Industrial water