The major feasibility issues concerning the applicability of Mechanical Draft Seawater Cooling Towers for large-scale petrochemical development in the hot-humid Arabian Peninsula (Gulf) region were investigated. Issues addressed were tower thermal performance, permissible hot and cold-water temperatures, scaling and bio-fouling, drift and impact on corrosion, environmental impacts, O&M concerns, and life-cycle costs. It was found that seawater cooling towers can satisfy the cooling needs of large-scale petrochemical development in the hot humid Gulf region, without significant problems. Cost of cooling was found to be less than the conventional once-through system normally used. Based on the findings of this study, plans are underway to double the size of one of the largest petrochemical complexes in the world, located in the region. The findings of this study constitute a major step forward for the cooling technologies industry.

03-17: Feasibility of Seawater Cooling Towers for Large-Scale Petrochemical

  • Dr. Shahriar Eftekharzadeh and Dr. Muin M. Baasiri, Bechtel Corporation and Paul A. Lindahl, Jr., Marley Cooling Technologies