This paper will introduce a new cooling water approach that combines direct, real-time control of all three corners of the "cooling water triangle" with the appropriate chemistry solution and advanced communications and data management technologies. Three unique monitoring technologies will be presented and the corresponding control algorithms discussed. One molecular sensor directly and dynamically measures the actual system microbial activity (planktonic and sessile), the second sensor provides a surrogate for actual system deposition of scale and/or particulates, and the third sensor offers an improved LPR corrosion monitor. Field use of this new total cooling water management system will be discussed, including the benefits of improved system performance, better response to operational variability, 24/7 conversion of knowledge to value, and minimized operator involvement.

03-14: Automating the Cooling Water Triangle

  • David L. Stonecipher, Steven R. Hatch, Daniel A. Meier, Barbara E. Moriarty, and Mita Chattoraj, ONDEO-Nalco Company