This paper describes the results obtained in the first field trials of a new single-feed, liquid bromine biocide. Several different water treatment service companies applied the product to a number of comfort cooling towers. The testing program embraced a variety of cooling tower designs and types of fill. Performance was measured in a diverse number of ways, and with varying degrees of sophistication, ranging from maintaining a pre-set ORP in the water, to enumerating microbiological colonies in the laboratory. The amount of product consumed in order to establish the desired performance criteria is revealed. After the trials, the Service Companies were interviewed, and canvassed for their opinions, and experiences with using this product. There were several common themes such as convenience and ease of use etc. there were also some unforeseen surprises, and these are discussed.

00-09: First Field trials of Single-Feed, Liquid Bromide Biocide for Cooling

  • Jon Howarth & Chris Nalepa, Albemarle Corporation