CTI Standard 201

CTI STD-201 sets forth a program whereby the Cooling Technology Institute will certify that all models of a line of Evaporative Heat Rejection Equipment offered for sale by a specific Manufacturer will perform thermally in accordance with the Manufacturer's published ratings.

By purchasing a CTI Certified model, the owner/operator has assurance that the tower will perform as specified.  Either that model, or one within its model line, will have been thoroughly tested by a CTI-licensed testing agency and found to perform as claimed by the manufacturer.

The following is a directory of cooling tower models currently certified under STD-201.  They are part of product lines offered by far-sighted cooling tower companies who are committed to the manufacture and installation of full-performance towers.  In competition with each other, these manufacturers benefit from knowing that they each achieve their published performance capability.  They are therefore free to distinguish themselves through design excellence and concern for the owner/operator's operational safety and convenience.

Those Manufacturers who have not yet chosen to certify their product lines are invited to do so at the earliest opportunity.